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Welcome to Andorra
The Principality of Andorra is a small state in Western Europe. Located in the Pyrenees, it borders France to the north and Spain to the south.
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Any trademark or patent owner not having a home address or a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in the Principality of Andorra and wanting to be represented by an agent accredited by the OMPA, must sign an authorization in his favour. It is not necessary to legalise the signature. Click on the following link to see our Power of Attorney form:
POA -Trademarks
POA -Patents

Products and/or services claimed in a trademark application must be worded exactly as in the Nice Classification. The list must respect the exact literal meaning specified in the classification. If wording is different from this last one, it will have to be classified by the OMPA and payment for the corresponding fees will have to be provided.

A third party with a legitimate interest may request the revocation of a trademark in the event that the owner has not used it with no legitimate reasons, during the last five years preceding the action before the Andorran Court.

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Andorra is the 6th smallest country in Europe with an area of 468 Km2  and a population of about
75.000 inhabitants.



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