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Any trademark or patent owner not having a home address or a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment in the Principality of Andorra and wanting to be represented by an agent accredited by the OMPA, must sign an authorization in his favour. It is not necessary to legalise the signature. Click on the following link to see our Power of Attorney form:
Power of attorney authorizing to act as authorized attorney (trademarks)
Power of attorney authorizing to act as authorized attorney (patents)

Products and/or services claimed in a trademark application must be worded exactly as in the Nice Classification. The list must respect the exact literal meaning specified in the classification. If wording is different from this last one, it will have to be classified by the OMPA and payment for the corresponding fees will have to be provided.

The only patent and trademark rights recognized in Andorra derive from the filing of a registration at the Andorran Patent and Trademark Office (OMPA).

As for any right, in this case movable property, it is necessary to register any change of ownership.

It is recommended that any changes that may affect the owner of a trademark or patent registration be recorded in order to be able to clearly identify the trademark’s owners without any doubt.

A third party with a legitimate interest may request the revocation of a trademark in the event that the owner has not used it with no legitimate reasons, during the last five years preceding the action before the Andorran Court.

No, once an application is registered as a trademark, the OMPA issues a registration certificate at no additional cost.

In the case of a trademark, it may be renewed during a grace period of six months after the expiry date, with an overrun of 50% of the official fee.

In the case of patents, annuities may be paid during a 12 months period following their expiration date, subjected to an overrun payment which is calculated according to the extension of the delay.

After trying an amicable agreement between the parties, any controversy beyond that must be resolved before the Andorran Court (Batllia), following the abbreviated procedure.

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